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Where can I find Nutritional and Ingredient information on your products?

Please visit our Nutritional information section of our website.


Does Peters sell any Gluten Free products?

Peters Original Ice Cream is now gluten free. We know Peters Original 2L and 4L tubs is the classic Australians have grown up with and love so we haven’t changed the recipe. We have replaced glucose syrup derived from wheat, which may contain traces of gluten, with corn based syrup. So now all your favourite flavours are gluten free but have the same great taste. Gluten free Peters Original Vanilla, Neapolitan, Rainbow, and Chocopolitan are available in grocery stores everywhere.

Proud & Punch is also proudly gluten free. At Proud & Punch, we’re all about real flavours that pack a punch. We start with fresh ingredients and turn them into tasty treats – and we don’t take shortcuts and have nothing to hide. We’re proudly real, proudly delicious, vegan, gluten free, and made right here in Australia.


How can I tell which Peters Ice Cream products are Gluten Free?

Keep your eye out for the Gluten Free label and seal on our products! From July 1 2018, there will be no wheat-based glucose syrup in Peters Original products processed through our factory, products produced after this date will have the Gluten Free label. There will still be some stock from previous production runs out in the trade so please only purchase tubs with the Gluten Free label or Seal.



Are your products Halal Certified?

Peters Ice Cream is not Halal certified


Do any of your products contain Palm Oil?

We have a deep concern about the serious environmental threat to rainforests and peat fields in South East Asia caused by deforestation, and the carry on effect to wildlife. We do not use palm oil in the production of any of our ice cream mix, however, a tiny number of inclusions (i.e. nuts, syrups or biscuits) that we source from external suppliers may include small amounts of palm oil.

Peters Ice Cream are members of the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) a global initiative on sustainable palm oil with a vision to “transform the markets by making sustainable palm oil the norm”.

Peters Ice Cream supports the initiative set by the RSPO and is working towards 100% CSPO (Certified Sustainable Palm Oil).

Check out our progress at RSPO Website.


Do any of your products contain Genetically Modified Material?

We don’t have any Genetically Modified Food (as defined by the Food Standards Code) in our products nor do we have any plans to introduce Genetically Modified material into our products. We do keep an active interest in monitoring advancement in the development of future GM technologies. We also take into consideration our consumer preferences and attitudes concerning the use of Genetically Modified crops.


Where are your products sold?

Peters Ice Cream products are made available for purchase Australia wide at a number of major supermarkets, petrol stations and conveniences stores. For product availability please contact our friendly consumer services team by either calling Freecall 1800 633 200 or via our “Feedback Form.” Please check with your local retailer or contact the following customers if you wish for specific suburb availability:

Coles: 1300 725 159 Woolworths: 1300 767 969


Where are your ice creams made?

Almost all of our ice cream is made in Australia at our factory in Mulgrave, Victoria. As a proudly Australian operated business, we source our ingredients from Australian producers and manufacturers wherever possible.


Does Peters Ice Cream donate funds to any charity?

Currently Peters Ice Cream has a partnership with Make-A-Wish Australia. Make-A-Wish® wishes bring hope, strength and joy to children with life-threatening medical conditions. They are also known to have a powerful lasting impact on wish recipients’ families and often their wider communities too. We have chosen to concentrate our support with Make-A-Wish® so that we can make a real difference to the lives of these children and families. For more information please visit Make a Wish Partnership.


Does Peters Ice Cream conduct Factory Tours?

Currently Peters Ice Cream does not conduct any guided tours throughout our factory.


How can apply to work at Peters Ice Cream?

Please visit our Careers section of our website.


What do I need to do if I wish to sell your products?

If you would like to sell any of our Peters Ice Cream brands, please contact our sales team directly on 131 077 and they will help you create the perfect ice cream portfolio for your business.


Is it possible to purchase your Ice Cream direct from the factory?

Unfortunately you cannot purchase our product directly from our factory however our products are available from a number of supermarkets and conveniences stores around Australia.


Where can I find information on the history of Peters Ice Cream?

Please visit our About Peters section of our website.


Is it possible to send me any information on my assignment?

Unfortunately PETERS Ice Cream cannot assist with any school project or assignment in regards to recipe, processes, machinery used, packaging material and other information regarding our products. Check out our Brands section for product information and our About Peters section for the history of Peters Ice Cream.


My question has not been answered by the above FAQs. What do I do now?

You can either contact our friendly Consumer Care Team directly on Freecall 1800 633 200 or via our “Feedback Form” If you prefer to write to us please address your letter to “PETERS Ice Cream” 254-294 Wellington Road Mulgrave, Victoria, 3170 Australia.