Apply with us

Our Recruitment Process

Peters is focused on getting the right people in the right roles and building our capability for the future. Our recruitment process gives you the opportunity to show us why you’re a great fit for our company and to meet people from across our business – so you can ask questions and determine whether our business is the right fit for you.

There are two ways to apply online. You can either:

  • apply for a vacancy you’ve seen advertised; or
  • register your interest to be considered for future opportunities.

Our business relies heavily on the opinions and recommendations of employees and partners. If you are connected with an employee at Peters we recommend asking them to personally refer you. Once they agree, upload your CV and cover letter on our website and make sure you list your referral source at Peters.


USEFUL TIPS TO MAKE THE Most of Your Interview

  • Your resume is the first opportunity for you to show us why we should have you on our team – so tell us about your strengths, what you like to do and what motivates you. Keep your application professional, concise, and targeted to the role for which you’re applying.
  • Your cover letter should be tailored to the role, addressing the key selection criteria with your experiences and behaviours. State which position you are applying for, why you’re applying and why you think you’re suitable.

Make sure your resume includes:

  • Personal and contact details. Include your home address, phone numbers, email address, and (if applicable) visa status and right to work in Australia.
  • Summary of key skills.
  • Career summary, including the role , company and period of employment
  • Employment overview and career history. This section will form the bulk of your Resume. Start with your most recent job first, and outline all relevant positions in reverse chronological order. It’s a good idea to include a short overview of the company, your job title and dates of employment, your key responsibilities and, most importantly, your achievements with results and supporting data.
  • Education. Details of any qualifications, including the institution and year attained.
  • Additional skills and training. This section may include training courses and workshops you’ve attended, computer skills, languages etc.
  • Personal associations and relevant professional memberships.
  • Referees. We are happy for you to provide these at a later stage however we will only contact your referees with your permission. We will ideally want to talk to want to talk to your current employer. Other referees need to include a past manager, an internal or external customer, a peer and direct reports that may have worked for you. It’s a good idea to advise your referees that they may be contacted.

Resume tips:

  • Include the most relevant points in your introduction, particularly the attributes that make you suitable for the role
  • Make sure your main selling points are clear and easy to read
  • Highlight your achievements with results and supporting data
  • Don’t make false or misleading statements
  • If you had a break in your career, let us know why so there are no unexplained gaps
  • Limit your resume to three or four pages, using a font size no smaller than 10 point
  • Use bullet points and short sentences in the main body of your resume
  • Pay attention to spelling and formatting; attention to detail is critical

Make the Most of Your Interview

You’ve been invited to interview – congratulations! Keep in mind the purpose of the interview stage is not only for us to find out more about you, but for you to find out more about us and the position for which you’ve applied.

At Peters success is based around our 5 core values. It’s important that our employees demonstrate these traits. During your interview, you’ll be asked to provide specific examples of your academic and professional accomplishments that relate to these points.

Be Yourself

  • It’s important that we make sure you’re a good fit for our organisation, and vice versa. The interview process gives both of us a chance to explore any future relationship. Be yourself, speak with candour and show your personality.

Know Our Business

  • We expect you to know our business including the challenges we face and the competitive environment in which we operate. Our website is a great place to start your research.

Be Prepared

  • Your interview will likely consist of targeted questions to help us understand what you know, what you have done and the outcomes from your actions. We want to know specifics about your successes and strengths as well as your failures and areas for development. If you have delivered something as part of a team, tells us rather than pretending it was all your initiative. You may also be asked to present your ideas to a problem or a challenge relevant to your role.

Interview Us

  • You’re in the process of making a decision that will have a significant impact on your career. Take this opportunity to ask questions about how we plan to grow the organisation, our people and our vision. Ask questions that are important to you. We’re committed to what we do and are more than willing to share our insights to help you make the right decision.

Establish a Relationship

  • Whether you decide to join our team or not, we recommend you use the interview as an opportunity to begin a lasting relationship with our organisation. You’ll meet people who are experts in their field, and in some cases industry leaders who can expand your knowledge and professional network. Make the most of the opportunity.