Peters is more than just an ice cream business. We see our responsibility branch into 5 key areas:

Our Products
PETERS has been proudly Australian made since 1907.

Our People
We are committed to encouraging our people to grow into their potential through career development and living our values.

Our Community
PETERS has been supporting the local community for over 100 years.

Our Suppliers
We source fresh, Australian dairy with a commitment to supporting Australian farmers.

Our Environment
We continually focus on responsibly sourcing, reusing and disposing to support minimal environmental impact.


We recognise that ice cream is an indulgent treat and we are committed to providing a balanced portfolio of products aimed at meeting our consumers’ needs.  Our diverse stable of brands range from healthy and low sugar options, to fun everyday snacks the whole family can enjoy.

PETERS has been proudly Australian made since 1907.

PETERS uses fresh, Australian dairy with a commitment to supporting our Australian farmers.

We do not use artificial colours in any of our products.

We have a range of products that include wholesome dairy & fruits (even vegetables, which meet the National Schools Criteria

We are certified to the FSSC 22000 for food safety certification.


Our people are at the heart of our business. Everything we do, and all our success, is dependent on them. In pursuing our commitment to our people, we are guided by our values, which are underpinned by a principle of respect.  This means respect for others, for diversity and for the future. We have a responsibility to ensure that all our employees enjoy a workplace that is safe and promotes their health and wellbeing, and in which they can work, thrive and grow without barriers or discrimination.

Our Values are Entrepreneurial, Consumer Focused, Performance, Teamwork, Accountability & Quality.

We are committed to the health and safety of our people.  We work hard to aspire to zero work related injuries and illnesses and implement best practice to identify and mitigate risks.  Our Code of Conduct outlines the desired behaviours and principles when doing business with all our stakeholders.   It sets our ethical compass and ensures our people make the right choices.  Our focus on values, safety, and ethical conduct are the fundamental elements to our culture.

We are certified to ISO18001 Occupational health and safety certification.

Our Code of Conduct policy sets the standards on how we work together.

Each year we participate in the Workplace Gender and Equality Report.

We offer both technical and professional development training to enhance the skills and careers of our employees.


For over 110 years, Peters has been a visible member of the community in which it operates, lending a hand and giving support to projects large and small.

Peters Ice Cream has supported a range of organisations over our history such as the Australian Red Cross, Richmond Football Club, Victorian Urban Fire Brigade, the Australian Women’s Cricket Association, the RMF, and district hospitals in regional areas of New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Peters Ice Cream was instrumental in getting Melbourne’s long running Moomba Festival off the ground in 1955.  Fearing that Melbourne’s city centre could become abandoned and neglected as people increasingly moved out to the suburbs, a group of like-minded businessmen decided that a festival would be the ideal way to bring people and life back into town.

Peters has partnered with many charitable organisations.  Currently, Foodbank Victoria is our formal charity partner.  Foodbank Victoria acts as a panty to the charities and community groups who feed the hungry by rescuing edible surplus food and groceries from the country’s farmers, manufactures, and retailers.  Last year, 24 million kilograms of food and groceries were provided to families across Victoria.  The food reused by Foodbank feeds on average 88,000 people per day.  For more information on Foodbank go to:

Peters also supports other charitable organisations and events within the community.  Some include:


With consumers and stakeholders increasingly wanting to know what’s in their food, where it comes from and how it’s made, responsible sourcing is an essential part of ensuring the integrity and sustainability of our business.

Peters Ice Cream sources our raw materials and packaging with a focus on critical economic, social, environmental and farm animal welfare-related issues that can affect supply, livelihoods and sustainability in our sourcing activities.

PETERS has been part of a packaging covenant since 2012. All packaging is sourced from suppliers that have FSC or PEFC certification.

PETERS ice cream sticks come from logs that are traceable to sustainably managed forests and are 100% compliant with FSC regulations to ensure the highest respect for ecological, social and ethical standards.

About Palm Oil
Palm oil is an edible plant oil derived from the fruit of the Arecacae Elaeis. From an environmental point of view, the sourcing of palm oil is the most productive, cropping yield four to ten times more oil per unit of land versus other common sources of vegetable oil, eg: rapeseed and soybeans. Palm oil is also cost-competitive, versatile and makes up the largest portion of global vegetable oil production.

When palm oil is produced responsibly, it can support millions of livelihoods globally and reduce pressure on forests and sensitive ecosystems. However, when it’s not sourced responsibly major environmental and social impacts can occur including deforestation, loss of habitat and climate change.

As a member of the RSPO, we support and endorse its vision to “transform the markets by making sustainable palm oil the norm”. The RSPO recognise four responsible methods of sourcing palm oil, one of which is segregated palm. Segregated palm is derived from a variety of RSPO certified sources and physically separated from non-certified palm oil products at all times.

Peters’ responsible sourcing of Palm Oil
Peters Ice Cream became members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in 2016, and in 2018 the company achieved its goal of sourcing 100% Certified Sustainable Palm Oil (CSPO). By the end of 2019, Peters Ice Cream’s palm use will account for 1.2% of total ingredients and be entirely sourced from suppliers who are RSPO Certified.

Peters’ mission toward using 100% segregated Palm Oil
In 2019, Peters made positive amendments to product purchasing, increasing its segregated palm oil by 33%. This now means that 75% of our products containing palm oil are certified segregated, as we continue actively working towards our mission of 100% certified segregated.

PETERS uses fresh, Australian dairy with a commitment to supporting our Australian farmers.

Peters are firmly opposed to all forms of human rights violations or poor labour conditions across our value chain.


We are committed to environmentally sustainable business practices.  We can achieve this through pursuing greater efficiency in the resources that we use and rely on and improving the environmental performance of our products and operations.

Since 2015, we have reduced water usage by 5.6% across our factory.

Paper & Cardboard
Our packaging commitment outlines our environmental standards.

Waste & Landfill
Since 2015, we have reduced waste for disposal by 4.2% across our factory.

Since 2015, we have reduced energy usage by 15% across our factory.

Peter’s Ice-cream supports Redcycle which is an organisation which focuses on sustainability and recycling. Packaging recovered from Australian consumers including our products becomes recycled plastic furniture for schools and communities.

Environmental Management
We are certified to ISO14001:2015 for Environmental Management.